Saddle Stitched. Choose from 4 page square booklets (CD size) all the way up to an 80 page A4 book. Booklets are commonly saddle stitched (stapled through the spine). Stock for booklets are varied and larger projects are possible so call us for more information on stock and/or alternate size publications and binding options.

saddle stitch

Booklet Pagination. As illustrated below Saddle Stitched booklets consist of 4 page sections each one inserted into the centre of the last and then stappled in the spine (centre) to hold the book together.

booklet pagination example

Extra Bleed. For booklets over 4 pages it is best to allow extra bleed on the left and right hand side trim edge. e.g. 1mm top and bottom and 3mm (5mm on large booklets) on the left and right hand side, see diagram below.

booklet bleed example



For books above 80 pages a different method of binding is needed, instead of being stapled through the centre (saddle stitched) larger books are "Perfect bound".

Perfect Binding. When books are perfect bound each 4 or 8 page section is placed one on-top of the other stitched together using thread and then wraped in the cover and all the sections + the cover are glued together, see diagrams below.

book pagination example 1

book pagination example 2

Extra bleed. As with booklets books require additional bleed, in most cases 5mm bleed on all external edges is required.

Book bleed example

Margins. Extra space is needed in the centre margin of a book as perfect bound books don't really open flat some of the sheet is taken up by the binding and therefore you should make your margins an extra 10mm larger on the inside/facing edge of each page. See the diagram below. For example a A4 book may have a 25mm margin at the left hand edge of the Even Page and a 35mm margin on the right hand side of the Even page. Likewise the Odd page would have 35mm on the left hand side and 25mm on the right hand side.

book margins example


If you are planning on designing a brochure, booklet, flyer or book that requires folding then this section is for you.

We can divide folds into three main areas brochures, books and booklets. Below we detail options and specifics for each as well as offering some useful templates to get you started.

There are special considerations that need to be taken into account with any project that folds, a couple of the main issues that arrises with folded jobs are listed below.

The first of these is ensuring that the fold line falls where you were expecting it too. Many people don't realise for example that panel sizes on A4 to DL brochures are all slightly different. This can cause you heartache if your design relies on the fold falling in a specific place as is often the case. Read more about this in our brochure section.

The second thing you need to be aware of is that the number of pages or type and thickness of your stock can alter the way in which a brochure or book will be folded or bound. Read more about this in our booklet and books section.



Stock. We can fold from 80gsm up to 170gsm for coated paper and from 80gsm to 150gsm in uncoated paper. Once your project exceeds these paper weights it is necessary to score and hand fold.

Extras such as perforation, scoring or numbering are often useful. Scoring is the mechanical indenting/creasing of paper to force a fold in a certain position. Perferation creates small slits in a sheet to enable easy tearing. Numbering places a individual number on each sheet for such things as order books and raffle tickets.

For more information on extras or contact us for advice or a quote.



The most common brochure fold is the A4 to DL, however we have a large variety of options available when it comes to brochure folds.

It is important to get the correct panel measurements for each particular type of fold, so we have included several templates for you to download. Each template is specific to a type of fold or brochure and includes such details as panel sizes, guide fold and trim marks.

Tthe following diagrams illustrate the more popular fold options.

a4 to dl fold example


Gate fold example



A3 TO A4 TO DL 12 PANEL BROCHURE FOLDa3 to a4 to dl



Below is a list of Indesign templates you can download and use to give you the correct panel measurements, fold locations etc for some of our more common products. The Templates should be used in conjunction with our PDF Export presets and flatten transparency presets, if you don't already have them you can download them here.

All Indesign files are made up in CS1 so that they will be more compatible for users with older versions of Adobe CS.

Should you not find what you are looking for please contact our staff for assistance.

Brochure Templates:

A4 to DL Roll Fold

A4 to DL Z or Concertaina Fold

8 Panel DL Roll Fold

8 Panel DL Z or Concertina Fold

8 Panel DL Gate Fold

8 Panel Double Parallel Fold

A3 to A4 to DL fold

Booklet Templates:

A4 8 Page Booklet (add/subtract pages as required)

A5 8 Page Booklet (add/subtract pages as required)

Square CD Case 8 Page Booklet (add/subtract pages as required)

Book Templates:

A4 Book - 8 pages add additional pages as required

A5 Book - 8 pages add additional pages as required